Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is eligible for the Scholarship?

A. Any High School Senior who is planning to attend a College or University after

graduation from High School.

Q. Are there other eligibility requirements?

A. You must have a relative, i.e. Father, Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother, etc. that

served in the Vietnam War Era and you will be required to submit along with

Scholarship Application a copy of their DD214. For security purposes, please blacken

out the Social Security Number on the DD214.

Q. Can I submit my application by email?

A. Yes, please insure that you have all attachments that go with your application

included in the email.

Q. The Application doesn’t have a lot of space on it for all of my information, can I add

additional pages?

A. Yes, we encourage you to add additional pages to clearly show you qualifications.

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